‘You’re Gonna Die Tonight’: Shocking New Jan. 6 Bodycam Video Released By DOJ

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Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection police bodycam video newly released by the Department of Justice shows a police officer under attack by a mob. Rep. Madeleine Dean joins Joy Reid on the latest developments regarding the select committee probe.
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Ben Bierman says:

This doesn’t even compare to what Black Lives Matter did in 2020.

JimBob Jones says:

You favor fear :O "You're Gonna Die Tonight" You said it not me 😀 Good job on scaring the Sheeple 😀 And I'm closing your video without watching it 😉

A-A Ron says:

Thank God the fences are coming down, I haven't been in DC since 2012, I'll be there in a few weeks again and it would have been awful to see it fenced off.

A-A Ron says:

Bullets should have been flying. Party loyalty is dangerous, if Republicans did a 180 on policy I would be a Republican and proud to be it, but all I see is thugs.


Trump picked murder as the crime he could get away with and on January 6th of this year he proves that he could and did.

Faby Soltero says:

This is why Trumps power was taken away!

ElusvOptmst1 says:

All these traitors including Trump and his corrupted cohorts GOPs needs to be arrested for trying to overthrow our Democracy and other high crimes. Lock them up.

Angela Taylor says:

So, I was wondering. Is Kevin McCarthy related to another McCarthy in U.S. history that was a horrific price of crap? I was just wondering..

Angela Taylor says:

I really hope this, and more, opens the eyes of Republican voters. I hope they decide democracy is worth it and change the face of their political club.

Julius Robinson says:

Many members of the GOP know the answers to the questions!

A. Hacen says:

It was Trump and his buddy Putin who got him into the White House 2016 Putin said that he was very un stable and dumb and wanted him there so that they could weaken the United States which they have done

eibutube1 says:

The truth must be revealed, regardless of all the red herrings Republicans want to use to distract, deny, twist, or gaslight the country. We cannot "go easy" on intentional, planned, treasonous, self-serving insurrectionists. There's no sympathy for people who don't respect the Constitution, the rule of law.

Angela Taylor says:

Time to make an example of the criminals who attacked our democracy!

bill johnson says:

Republicans are for " Law and Order " for everyone else, just not them.

John Bowcutt says:

Don the biggest con will never pay for all his crimes all republicans should be removed from office there all corrupt

calebv otauthail says:

If that mob was brown, the capital police would have dropped shells.

Democracy Lives says:

If you’re still for Trump, this is what you stand for and who you stand with.

Daylight Diva says:

If these terrorists aren't held accountable and an example isn't made of then then there are some dark days and years ahead.

Russell Nolan says:

"Who wants to live forever?": Queen lyrics.
Who wants to investigate and take responsibility?
In a place where they were STILL investigating pr. Reagan's administration presidents later.
Just stop believing. Cut them off! You are proven by your actions.

1slyboy says:

We need to see charges for those involved in the attack on Congress – 18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy

Land of the Brave says:

This is a straight up lie! That small amount messing with police were antifa in Maga gear. That's why Trump tweeted out the night before about antifa showing up. The only person to die was a Trump supporter. Your lies will come to light!

Heather Overvold says:

Ah, this must be the "love fest" between protestors and the police Trump was talking about.

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