Your Growing Baby's Changes in the Third Trimester

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Learn more about third trimester changes:
What does your baby look like during the home stretch of your pregnancy?

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Taniya Williams says:

I’m 34 weeks and 2 days ❤️

rahul holikar says:

My wife complete 7 months pregnancy…pls bless her

nidz says:

I like it how u referred to the baby as SHE, rather than the typical HE

Monica Singh says:

I’m 24weeks 3 days with my baby girl. Baby #4 I’m so ready to meet her ❤️

Brown boss says:

Me girlfriend is 7 month next week Tuesday. Pray for us our first child…

aamir ali says:

I am going to dislike the video because of the words you have used, you could have used easier words. "A bundle of collard green, stalk of rhubarb, Swiss chard, honeydew melon, crenshaw melon," I mean come on!

Babita Sah says:

Pray for me. After 4 years it's my first baby

Ansha Ali says:

Kindly 7th month mn sony ki position bta dain. THANK YOU

Atruthseeker Words says:

Wow, This baby scared me, and I'm sure there isn't that much room :)

RafiqulIslam Sagor says:

My baby age 28 weeks and weight is 1036' normal?pls answer me.

Nikita Jones says:

29+2 2.2kg due 27th June to a baby boy

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