Your Changing Body, at 9 -12 Weeks Pregnant | Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Permanente’s professionals and patients talk about the changing pregnant body at 9 to 12 weeks, and how to know what’s normal.

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Cayla Bailey says:

The hunger pains is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

Tracy Montoute says:

the nausea and vomit went up until the end of my pregnacy.

Sharon Dhanoolal says:

Am hungry all the time

Laila Lolita says:

I love kaiser:-) my Obgyn that I had before was amazing and my daughter’s pediatrician is just an angel, I miss them since I don’t have that insurance anymore

New kid Kay says:

I feel sooo tired all the time and my partner doesn’t get it haha

KimberlyVee says:

Great videos!! ❤️

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