www.newbaby101.com.au How to Change Baby's Disposable and Cloth Nappy/Diaper by Lois Wattis

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This video is free with New Baby 101 Phone App. Midwife Lois Wattis shows how to change a baby’s disposable nappy and also demonstrates an easy ‘no pins’ cloth nappy for newborns. New Baby 101 is a free App answering parents FAQ’s. “How to Swaddle your Baby” video is also free with this great App. Enjoy!


Kala Dwarakanath says:

Must add that your other model is just as cute. When they are older, they can compare notes as to who was better behaved during diaper change, right guys?

Kala Dwarakanath says:

What an adoable little man! Soiled diaper? He's like, "Whatever..it's your problem, not mine!"

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