Wolfsberg vs. Tottenham: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

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Spurs did the damage in the first half and, though Wolfsberg offered much more after the break and threatened to get back into the contest, sealed a convincing victory through Carlos Vinícius’ late fourth. It’s their first away win in the knockout stages of this competition since 2008 and shows again that Mourinho means business in the UEFA Europa League.

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Bruv says:

moura is so pleasing to watch in Europa

Big Entertainment says:

Yo great goal keeping by loris

Bryan Romero says:

This announcer reminds me of 2019 Champions league watching Ajax go nuts just to lose to Lucas Moura

skinnymon123 says:

wolfberg is so bad, how are they a top flight team

Angus Macangus says:

Lucas, Dele, and Bale playing well. Hope they get more chances to show what they can do.

RandomThoughts says:

You can easily see that Bale is a world-class player.

James Yang says:

Bs pen, attacker run on to sisoko, sisoko have possession protects the ball, attacker never got a touch.

Michel Nacipucha says:

all Bale needs is more game time, quality since madrid it has not declined.

C P says:

Glad to see Bale with a goal

joseee says:

team of the week bale ? lol

big youth says:

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Mike Tang says:

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Sam Lee says:

Good to see Bale smiling again

Andrew kim says:

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Robonson Benjamin says:

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rleifjebp says:

So funny to see son's heading which he wasnt used to score and it actually looked weird to show that he is not a header but rather shooter. But still his rare header goal was impressive.

Allen Bryan says:

Why are the celebrations so mild and almost depressing?

Patrick Layman says:

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Juan Gonzalez says:

6:13 is how you know football is rigged.

Rafael Cruz says:

Kane made me a Tottenham fan, Mourinho made me passionate fan, Bale …well let’s see.

Axel Aguilera says:

I hope Spurs wins europa league, it’ll be difficult but i hope they get far atleast

Adamn Apples says:

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Bruh Moment says:

Bales goal felt like Ronaldo’s

SSky06 says:

This game was a testament to how Bale could just casually show up and be a top 5 player in the world if he had the desire.

진아 Swimfast says:

Vinicius!!!! Awesome

Jonathan Aguirre says:

Sissoko penalty was bull! He got possession all the way!

Adam Lindeman says:

4:00 Come on, that commentating was weak for such a fantastic goal.

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