Will Mums Come Back Next Year?

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In this quick video, Steph will share the answer to your number one question about Mums, “will they come back next year”. ✨ Also, learn how to get their blooms to last as long as possible! 🌸☀️🌿


Muffie1174 says:

They love the cold. Bright light partial sun.

Sandra Brown says:

PINK !!! And all colors!

K & Z Bouffard says:

Thank you for sharing this. New sub here. Our mom will surely love your vlogs coz she's a plant lover. We do love gardening. We've clicked the notification button for us to be notifed re: your new vlogs. Could you also visit us? Thank you and God bless… :)

ELjames Channel says:

Wow very interesting new friend here

Truth of the matter says:

I have a lot of huge mums that come back every year. I water and fertilize them all summer and fall and that's all I do. I don't fuss over protecting them for the winter or anything. They're very dependable. Zone 6

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