Why is My Pregnancy Belly Smaller in the Morning?

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Why is my pregnancy belly smaller in the morning?

Is it because you are not wearing those loose fitting clothes to hide how big you are?

It is not due to fashion choices.

My answer depends on how much you throw up in the morning.

You cannot throw up the baby; it only feels like you can.

If you eat a whole lot at night to offset for the morning sickness each morning, you could be plus or minus a few inches.

I eat a lot of small snacks through the day to avoid getting heart burn because there is no food in my system. I do not eat enough to make my stomach stick out like I’m pregnant, on top of being pregnant.

If you lay on your back in bed, the belly will look smaller in the morning simply because it is not all hanging out.

It seems smaller even when I’m on my side.

If you’re sleeping in a fetal position, you can actually pull your knees up, though I don’t think you’ll see your feet any better. However, laying in bed, the pregnant belly sinks into the bed along with the rest of you.

So you think it looks smaller in the morning because it is sinking into the mattress, versus literally standing out when I stand up.

That would explain why your stomach looks smaller in the morning.

What else could it be?

When you first get up, well, after you’re done with your first bathroom run, your system is on empty. After eating and drinking and getting active, you’ll get some swelling from fluid retention and bloating.

That’s a lot of bloating.

It could also be due to a lot of farting when you sleep.

I’d hate to think I’m deflating that way.

I’d hate to share a bed with someone deflating that much that way.

Why else would my baby belly be bigger at night than at the morning?

Because you rarely drink eight ounces when you get up to pee a couple times a night, so you lose a lot of the fluid retained from the prior day.

I’ve heard that is good practice for when you have four times a night bottle feedings.

And now you know why a lot of people put rice cereal in the baby’s formula.

That is not good for kids less than six months old, because they can’t process the fiber in it.

You could try eating a bowl of oatmeal or apple at night, so that you don’t have as much gas day or night.

No, just more bathroom trips for number two.

So drink more water and eat less salt so you have less fluid retention overall.


Nomakhetho Mthombeni says:

10 weeks pregnant but my surprise is my belly is smaller when I wake up every morning and bigger during the day until bed time.

Dream Youniverse says:

I don’t get up to pee at night and I don’t have gas, the baby just repositions a lot. I notice when she’s active, my belly looks and feels bigger and when she’s sleeping, it’s smaller. She sleeps a couple of days and flips around a couple of days, so much that I can’t find heartbeat. You’re most likely fine. Drink a little coffee and you’ll feel the kicks

Anand kumar anand says:

My wife pregnant belly some times big and some times short…why now she is 24 weeks pregnant

Tanusree Ray says:

my pregnancy bally is so small . my pregnancy time is 20 week ?? it is problems ??? plz reply first

RageQueen OG says:

im having doubts . and i think babys not there anymore. im 18 weeks. and dont feel pregnant anymore

rojean Marinas says:

I still having a menstration during I'm pregnant …I'm 3months

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