Why books are here to stay | Small Thing Big Idea, a TED series

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Despite the rise of e-books, physical books aren’t going anywhere. Graphic designer Chip Kidd shares why their design is so lasting.

Small Thing Big Idea, a TED original series, celebrates the lasting genius of everyday objects so perfectly designed that they changed the world around them. (Made possible with the support of The North Face)

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Aya t says:

I love books, ı love BOOKS, I LOVE BOOKS

Alvin Lee says:

If you live in a place with high humidity, get ready for mould to reclaim 'em pages.

Ali Siddiqui says:

An ever growing dilemma. You kinda get more reading done a device like Kindle though.

Moose says:

Man, you need better friends if they never give your books back. I've never lost a book that I've lent out.

Anıl Onur says:

oh yeah, you're gonna make me calm!

Jiss Tom Palelil says:

Let's take a moment and appreciate the guy who managed the camera and took these brilliant shots❤️❤️❤️

Art None says:

I hate physical books.

Atharva Dabholkar says:

Greetings fellow introverts…

OK. says:

"Reading Is Like Breathing In; Writing Is Like Breathing Out"

Bobby Finn says:

You can’t admire e-books on your shelf. Reading physical books is my escape from reading screens all day.

Maurel MAGNE says:

yes the smell of the book… Turn pages. Legacy to keep…

Invox says:

Inteligence delivery device.
Works on rain, sun, dust, wind, snow.
Can be used day and night around the clock.
Extremelly Silent.
No Wifi required.
No bateries necessary.

Fair Copy Ark says:

Book is emotion

Caleb Brito says:

Reading is good for you!!!!!

Caleb Brito says:

Reading is good for you!!!!!

Caleb Brito says:

Reading is good for you!!!!!

Caleb Brito says:

Reading is good for you!!!!!

Caleb Brito says:

Reading is good for you!!!!!

Camillo Giorgeschi says:

More videos about books, please !!!

PA says:

love this segment… but i have a doubt.. the paper was invented in china, is that true… I m not sure if the first book was invented in Italy. Egyptians had books too.

Brian Kristensen says:

I love books…. its the hole experince: the, smell, the feel, the emotions it sparks, the imagination it triggers, and deep sense of entering the mind of the story teller. It gives me piece in a busy day, where i can shot-off the world and concentrate on this one item. Books is the only thing, besides music, that sends me in to a kind of meditive state where i replenese my mental energy and balances my psyche

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