When does a woman's pregnant belly start to show?

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A lot of women want to know when they’ll actually start looking pregnant during their pregnancy. In the beginning, you just feel a little bit bloated and people may think you’re putting on a few pounds. And actually, I was so excited when people started asking me if I was pregnant. I took that as a compliment, because then I actually looked pregnant, not just like I was gaining weight. Everyone starts to show pregnancy at different times. It’s largely dependent on a couple of different factors – one being your pre-pregnant size, how many kids you’ve had, and also you’re frame. The more kids you’ve had, the sooner you may start to show. And also, if you’re tall, then you have more places for the baby to hide in, and if you’re short, then the only place for the baby to go is out, so you may poke out a little bit sooner than a taller woman.

Around 20 weeks, you’ll notice at your prenatal appointments that the doctor is measuring the size of your belly. He’ll measure from your pubic bone to the top of the uterus, and this is called the fundal height. This measurement should match your gestational age in centimeters. So at 20 weeks, you should be about 20 centimeters. And as your pregnancy progresses, they’ll continue to watch this, and if there’s ever a large discrepancy, like your belly is measuring abnormally small or large for your gestational age, then they’ll send you for an ultrasound to find out if it’s actually the size of the baby, maybe the amount of fluid surrounding the baby, or just the way you’re carrying the baby. If there’s any issues that need to be addressed, then they’ll take care of those at that time. If you have more questions for me in the future, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/IntermountainMoms, and recommend us to your friends and family too.


Dacia Walters says:

my mom is pregnant

Loli Neko says:

I started showing at about 14 weeks. But I am also 5' 2" and usually pretty thin. XD

M & A Munoz says:

Well Im almost in my 18th week with my first and my belly looks the same it did as 14-15 weeks. My husband denies it but i dont know what to think.

Vj Kuppili says:


Beauty Save says:

I just 8 weeks of pregnancy but it doesn't show so I'm worried.. I watch this video and found out that maybe its due to my height. I'm just 164 cm

Michelle J says:

I'm live in South Africa. I go to a private Dr but pay the equivalent of $55 a visit. My Dr does a ultrasound at every visit. Throughout my first pregnancy he never measured my stomach. I find it strange that in UK and US I hear people say they only do 2 ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy

The Myers Bundle says:

I’m 11weeks with my second and there is absolutely no bump or signs that I am pregnant

Arianna Nicole says:

Im 5”9-5”10 and I didn’t start showing until I was 20 weeks. I’m 32 weeks now and I have a big ole belly (:

ZENA Muse6ix says:

I have all the symptoms of pregnancy but test negative I feel so nauseous

sams journey says:

I'm 15 weeks. No belly yet. Just bloat I'm thick

Stephanie Jones says:

I’m pregnant with my fourth and I swear
The second I peed on that stick my uterus poked out lol

Venus Dion says:

23 weeks hardly shows

Terrance Lord says:

Is it possible to show a bump at one week

Sakina Ak says:

i am 5.4 and 13weeks pregnant and barely showing

Monalisa Guha says:

thank u so much for ur info mam.

Hardi Mohammed says:

Does small bump determine the size of the baby?

Chanchal Mishra says:

You are so pretty. I love the way you make it look so beautiful

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