When Do You First Feel Baby Kick? | Kaiser Permanente

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Are you wondering when do you first feel baby kick? Kaiser Permanente’s care team can give you the answers you need.

For more information visit: https://www.thrive.kaiserpermanente.org/easier-health-care/maternity


Hazel Metes says:

Im 5 months pregnant and just started feeling my baby move. It moves pretty actively just when Im about to go to sleep at night

Sandy Love says:

The moving gas feeling lol

Rosa says:

I started to feel at week 21. I was worrying about this but now I feel her everyday.

Erin Stone says:

Mine is moving. I told the OB it felt like I had gas but in the front and she said that was it. Haven't felt kicks yet, just flutters but judging by how active little one is I should be feeling it soon.

Jess L says:

I'm expecting my first baby and that was my exact thought. Was that gas or my baby? Lol

kayla says:

I’m 16 weeks today 17 weeks tomorrow. first time mom and already felt the movement it’s beautiful

Sorcerer Vaati64 says:

First pregnancy here, 17 weeks felt the movement when i was laying down as if theres a bubble of gas flying around. Told my husband and he was so excited

Jamie T says:

I mostly feel gas but then I felt this thump and I knew.

Ana Guta says:

I'm 18 weeks pregnant with the 3 baby and I start to feel the kicking maybe 2 weeks ago

Raven Hill says:

Im 17 weeks 3rd child really excited about feeling movement

Martha Benson says:

Can't wait to feel it

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