Wheat, Moong Dal, Almond Healthy Mix Powder for Babies – Baby Food Recipes

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Recipe : http://www.yummytummyaarthi.com/2014/03/wheat-moong-dal-almond-health-powder.html

For Porridge: http://www.yummytummyaarthi.com/2014/03/wheat-moong-dal-almond-health-porridge.html

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Naziya Khan says:

is it instant powder??


Plss suggest how to make it in water or milk,plss send video naa

cinderlla girl27 says:

hai mam iam having a baby boy he is 5 month baby shall I give dates puree to him?

anusha sr says:

thanks for the recipe.. i tried it. is it okay if v use readily available wheat flour?

Aamirah Rafa says:

can we add all nuts instead of almond

vinodhini Rajesh says:

how many days can we store it and use it

Nandini Narayan says:

what is the measurement taken for ingredients. pls let me know

Aisha Ali says:

Can I give this to my 6 month old baby??if so can I cook it just with water or do I need to add milk?

Sachin Ram says:

from which month it should be given to baby?

vinodhini Rajesh says:

inside of giving milk before going to bed , what we can give for 1+ year baby

vinodhini Rajesh says:

thankyou mam

vinodhini Rajesh says:

at which time we can give this to our baby ,night can we give it before bed time

Shiva Ambe says:

hi, how to give this to baby either by preparing it with milk or water

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