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Pregnancy Update at 34 weeks, What’s in our hospital bag 3:44, What’s in Chris’s hospital bag 26:51. Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/t.beaston/
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Kassey Pellerite says:

Loved this video!! It will be such a help for me! I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my first and have no idea what to bring and what not to! Love all of Ellas cute stuff. Can't wait for a birth vlog!

Elle H says:

Don’t forget snacks! I was immediately starving after I pushed my babies out. If it’s after hours the hospital doesn’t have a lot of food options.
Also what will you do about being gluten free? Will Chris be bringing you meals?

Charmaine Notley says:

I've never known any guy to pack a cigar and a bottle of wine in their hospital bag or even to take a hospital bag before. You guys are very organised. Your husbands bit was so funny xxx

Hind Isa says:

I’m dying !! This video was so good but funny!!!

M MC says:

Where did your husband buy the Dad shirt?

Angel Dawn says:

I use water wipes I dont know if they have them where you are. But they are a life saver.

Kim Ferguson says:

Loved the video! Chris is a great hubby and too funny. Congratulations to a lovely family!

Ciara Styles says:

I'm only 26 weeks pregnant with my first girl and I'm feeling it!!! And this is such a helpful video for my first Little one I didn't bring a robe and I'm definitely being one this time !!!!

sweetpea15 says:

Yes! Preg essentials and postpartum please!

Ashley Minion says:

so close girl! I'm 35+2 with our baby girl – also Ella! would you do a vid on her nursery organization? Would love to see how you set up her clothes and stuff :)

clamberson15 says:

Love this! Great ideas to pack. Oh and what your hubby said about the Dad t shirt honestly isn’t a bad idea. Sometimes there were so many people in the room at one time it would have been nice to pin point who the Dad was. Gives a personal touch besides just visitor passes.

Kelli Ladymon says:

Chris literally had me dying.. Girl you got a good one! I adore you and your entire family <3

Liz Austin says:

The nausea Is normal to return in the third trimester when pregnant with a girl. It was rough with my oldest but my youngest I was just queasy not. They are a year and a day apart. My point to my comment is just to let you know it’s normal. It’s mostly due to the hormone imbalance and how our bodies aren’t used to the excess estrogen.

Isma Faisal says:

Yea postpartum care plz… or maybe if u can do it before having the baby… im 36… n dont knw much… would be helpful…

Michelle Mitchell says:

You and Chris are so adorable! I loved your video please do the other ones so we can enjoy those too.

Laura Bonser says:

If I have kids in the future definitely gonna come back to rewatch this….it will be so useful!

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