WHATS IN MY HOSPITAL BAG – Bumps Along the Way Pregnancy Vlog

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For Me:
Hospital Gown
Comfy PJs
Nursing Bra
Nursing Tanks
Comfortable Socks
Comfortable Underwear
Toiletries: Toothbrush/Toothpaste, Deodorant, Body Wash, Shampoo/Conditioner, Hair ties, Brush, Contact Solution/Case, Glasses, Make up, Aquafore, Coconut Oil.
Post Natal Care: Pads, Tucks Medicated Pads, Nipple Cream, Breast Pads
Laboring Device for Counter Pressure during Contractions

For Bryan:
Comfortable Sweats/Shorts
Confortable Shirts
Blanket and Pillow
Toiletries: Toothbrush/Toothpaste, Deodorant

Last Minute Items:
Diaper Bag
Camera/Batteries and Charger


Adeline Callos says:

they have an outfit at the hospital already for ollie

Ariel Contreras says:

What is labor.❔❓

marianette medina says:

so does oliver get anything??? clothes? diapers?

Blake McManamy says:

we're is Ollie's dipper's and cloths

Lillie Pierce says:

I'm watching this when Finley is 3 days old :)

its jen27 says:

There's nothing for baby? Smh

David Pereira says:

You forgot baby cloths

Chloe Vernau says:

ollies stuff ?????

Jasmine Rain says:

I bought that same boppy pillow for my aunt who just had her fourth! It only cost me $20 with my discount at work! I love watching your old videos and I'm excited for your new addition!

Hannah Meeks says:

I can't believe you posted this two days before he was born

Jason Hunter says:

hello missy

The Fakey Cake Maker says:

+Missy Lanning Thanks for your videos, I'm expecting in September this isn't my first pregnancy or birth but it will be my first baby so understably I'm a bit nervous and little bits of info like this really, really help.  Thanks. xx

Trisha B says:

This went up two days before Ollie was born!

Kaitlyn-Angel Oquendo says:

http://youtu.be/VPWiXQIwKmg?list=UUKGN8kcUCwmI3UNKDM83uGQ whats in my hospital bag response

Anto Delaney says:

I am pregnant with my first 

Indicabliss says:

I'm currently looking into buying a nursing bra and wanted to know what you recommended? Thanks

katieclay05 says:

Love your channel! I'm just starting my new pregnancy channel so I hope people check it out and subscribe. Katieclay05

EddieRoo11 says:

I'm pregnant with my fourth child, so speaking from experience I think your hospital bag looks great! Personally, I would skip the tucks pads and choose a dermoplast spray(wiping can be painful). In addition to your list, I would highly recommend a long robe, socks with the grippers on the bottom & chapstick. I walked around a lot when I was in labor and it was FREEZING in the hospital. Having the robe and slippers made it a little more comfortable.

Émilie Geneviève Boucher says:

I thought you had one leg..

The Stauffer Life says:

love ur vlog inspired us to start our own family vlog 

Myka Bellisari says:

love ur vlog inspired us to start our own family vlog 

Missy Lanning says:

I talked about it in my "Breastfeeding update and must haves" video. I show what brand I use and it's sold in most grocery stores in the U.S. But you can also order it on amazon.

EJDB says:

Missy. I know you love coconut oil but I can't find anywhere you've talked about it! Maybe include it in your next favourite things!

Ashley Elwick says:

Could you do a video of what you ACTUALLY used from your bag(s)?

lexi dixie says:

hope you injoy him all your life

Missy Lanning says:

I used the boppy a lot in the first few weeks when nursing especially because of my c-section incision. But eventually we didn't need it for that much and now it's mostly used for Ollie to "sit up" or do tummy time with. I would say it was essential in the first few weeks but not much after that for me.

Hey There, Kelilah says:

I can't speak for Missy but I used my boppy every time I nursed my daughter. Also for tummy time!

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