What to Expect in the 1st Trimester: Q&A with Belly to Baby

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Exhaustion. Mood swings. Nausea. And we’re supposed to keep it one big secret? The first trimester can be overwhelming for women and their partners. Watch Abby’s Live Q&A with Dr. Camaryn Chrisman Robbins as we dive into the top issues and concerns new moms face.

To answer your specific questions, jump to:
1:16: How to know if you’re pregnant. (Negative/Positive pregnancy tests, irregular periods, and spotting)
4:00: Ovulation is different in all women; take home ovulation kits
5:10: If you’re sure or unsure if you are pregnant, find a doctor! Ways to finding a doctor.
7:45: What to expect during your first appointment; ultrasound, head to toe physical, breast exam.
10:40: Determining if you’re considered to be high risk during pregnancy
13:30: Testings and screening available for women
18:50: What happens to your body and mind during pregnancy; mood swings, nausea, having a hard time.
22:00: Change in your appearance during pregnancy. Your body begins to shift as your weight and breast size is constantly changing.
23:35: Should you really be eating for two? Having a balanced diet with portion control and the vitamins you should take throughout your pregnancy. CRAVINGS!
28:30: How pregnancy affects your immune system. Being sick when you’re pregnant and overcoming that illness. Also, what medicines you can take.
35:20: Myths and Truths to what you can and cannot eat/drink. (lunch meat, caffeine, alcohol).
39:45: Advanced Medical Aged Questions. When you’re pregnant at 35+

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Kailyn Zutski says:

Found out yesterday I'm pregnant after trying for 7 months! The internet is freaking me out lol

Sam Says says:

I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant!! I never had a baby, I'm 24.. and I'm very little in weight. I'm so worried..and I don't know when I actually conceived. Will I find out that info on first visit???

Island_LeeLady says:

I LOVE THAT they didn't scare me and didnt sugar coat things either. I am 36 yo first time mom and I am very healthy, me and my hubby weren't really trying, because I am in a nursing school luckily I graduated the a month after I got pregnant:) So basically I was drinking after my graduation:( and still in good shape and baby looks good on the Ultrasound:) 36 is not very old which I also thought I am very old to get pregnant, we did not expect to get pregnant at the same time I am/ we are not using any contraceptive, my body cant handle contracpetives, I have tried all of them and I get crazy emotional and I gained so much weight. I am looking forward for more videos like this! I just have to eat healthier now because I have pre-diabetes because of this preganancy, beofrehand I was fine. SO now i have to watch y sugar level.

Zane The chubs says:

Thank you I learned a lot

Shannie Simpson says:

I have abnormal period because of pcos and I just found out I am pregnant. My last menstrual was in November so when I visit the doc tomorrow for the first time, will he check my due date from my last menstrual even though I could have gotten pregnant from December? How can I find out the exact estimated due date? Should I wait on the ultrasound to know?

Amanda Holmes says:

I called my doctor cuz I got a super super faint positive pregnancy test where u gotta hold it up to the light to see it and had spotting for 3-4 days and called to confirm a pregnancy with my family doctor with urine or blood and the reply I got was “we use the same pregnancy test as u get from the drugstore and I don’t think they’ll order u a blood test but I’ll send a order back to the doctor and see if she will accept it and will call u” almost 24 hours later, never got a phone call back. Mind u, this is the doctor I’ve seen for hours.

i am anonymous says:

Internet is not scary if u read the entire article.. Some sites like webmd, firstcry.org, american pregnancy. Org are really helpfull

Samantha Fletcher says:

I took a pregnancy test a few days ago and came out positive. I told my bf, stepmom and dad. Needless to say she doesn't like me, and lectured me about how she didn't want this to happen, and then her friend came over and made me feel horrible about the pregnancy.
Kept telling me how immature I am, and all. She made me cry and feel low about myself.

sexy renee Samuels says:

I have irregular period but it never go over 2month if it miss one month it come the next but now am I missing it for 2 month and 2 week and have very light spotting for each of the month am I pregnant

Shi Shi Guan says:

Thank you, it was helpful information. I am 39 and had a few miscarriages. I would like to know is it safe to travel international?

Shanice C. Brown says:

Thank you so much for this video!!!! So informative!

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