What is HypnoBirthing? – HypnoBirthing for Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth

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HypnoBirthing is a calm, gentle and natural birthing process where mothers connect to the innate wisdom of their bodies through deep, hypnotic relaxation techniques.

In HypnoBirthing, affirmations are used to condition the mind to expect a fantastic birth, while also transforming birthing language. For example, “contractions” become “surges” or “waves” and “pushing” becomes “breathing the baby down”.

HypnoBirthing is as gentle on mom as it is on her brand-new baby. It is such a gentle process that some HypnoBirthing babies don’t even cry when they come into this world!

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Organic Birthing HypnoBirthing says:

Great video! I also teach HypnoBirthing and am going to be using for the third time for baby #4 coming soon! I absolutely love using the HypnoBirthing method. It has made such a huge difference in not only my births but also the way I parent and view life in general!

justine nelums says:

I'm due next month and would like to participate

MaryLou DiNicolas says:

Wonderful video! Let's get the word out there…hypno-birthing is a much better approach to birthing! The true meaning of "Natural Birth"! The hypo-birthing theory has changed me as a Doula! We should all know this. xoxo

Sarah Jean Bryson says:

Thank you for this series! I am due next Saturday and have been having severe panic attacks, I was told to learn about hypnobirthing although i'm scared I'm out of time! Hoping these videos will help slightly!!! And I WISH i had had that pin this pregnancy! All I hear is awful stories, never comforting "it will be ok" stories!

LeydaLeon says:

I did! :) My first one was HORRIBLE! But my second a breeze… so easy… so controlled… hope it is the case of #3! :)

Cindy Marie says:

where can I get that book and cd for hypnobirthing?

whitfordsuz says:

Thank you for this series its calmed me some for what's to come in 3 months time

Chels33a says:

I'm no where near ready to have a baby but I'm really excited ti watch this series to further prepare myself!

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