What I Eat in a Day: Pregnancy Edition!

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Today I am sharing some simple, healthy recipes and showing what I eat in a typical day while pregnant. The first 50 people to use my link will get 3 FREE Blue Apron meals!!! http://cook.ba/2eS2ss6

♡ R E C I P E S ♡

Veggie breakfast quiche – whole wheat pie crust, add sautéed vegetables of choice, 8 eggs, dash of milk and shredded cheese and abke at 375 for ~35 minutes. I make this on Sunday and eat a slice a day.

Snack: 1 small Gala apple with almond or cashew butter

Lunch: Blue Apron meal, this day I had spicy chicken with broccoli & it was so good!! Use this link to get 3 FREE Blue Apron meals http://cook.ba/2eS2ss6

Snack: Veggies with almond hummus (called Bitchin’ sauce, you can get this at health food stores on the west coast). Otherwise, I will have a slice of ezekeil toast with peanut butter.

Dinner: Salmon with asparagus and rice. I bake my salmon in foil for about 30 minutes at 325 and add in the asparagus the last 15 minutes of cooking

Treat: Chocolate banana smoothie. 1/2 can of coconut milk, 1/2 cup water, ice, handful of dark chocolate covered almonds, 1 banana, 2 tbs peanut butter, 2 scoops orgain vanilla protein powder

To drink I have water or unsweetened iced decaf green tea

♡ I N F O ♡

Hi guys! So just to clarify my situation – I was initially diagnosed with gestational diabetes but since I was a borderline case with no other risk factors I got a second opinion and they have since downgraded me to “insulin resistant with increased monitoring.” I now keep a food log and meet with a nutritionist but I don’t have to see a specialist or check my blood sugar 4-5x a day.

Prior to this, I thought I had been eating healthy but I wasn’t getting enough protein and I was eating too many refined carbs that were spiking my blood sugar and causing me to crash and be *extremely* tired and sluggish (which I thought was normal!). Since my diet change I feel SO MUCH better and will probably continue eating like this after pregnancy.

♡ S O C I A L M E D I A ♡

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K4T777 says:

wow that's amazing! I am 15 w preggo and scared to eat as everyone is watching my hands and my meals telling me I am getting fat fast. I eat 2- 3 times a day and go to bed hungry most of the nights. I think I will stand up for myself because I feel so weak and agitated most of the time and I struggle at work with my low energy levels. Thank you fora great idea of the meals I could make. :)

C. U. says:

awww! digestional diabetes sucks! but it should go away when you deliver. love your blogs

Adrianna Kalland says:

I loved this video and how it was not about anything else but food. The food looks wonderful and the portions are good. No processed junk is the way to go!! Thank you.

Allie says:

Who else is expecting while watching these?!! Love your videos!

TheAuroraJones says:

Thank you so much for this video!

SunnyD113 says:

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and my sweet tooth has been awful!! I have been making the chocolate protein smoothie and it calms my cravings. It's also much healthier than other options! Thank you for the great ideas.

Temmy Id says:

How are people so organised? I am literally a vegetable when i am pregnant. Goals

Domonique Hargrove says:

I like to eat shrimp ramen with honeydew cubes, oregano, and honey

Caty Whaley says:

I wish my mom feed me fish, cause my brain is the size of a raisin!!!!

Florin Fetz says:

you are cooking the fish wrong because if you cookit in aluminium then you are killing the nervous system (altzhaimer I don't know exactly how it's in English) and a lot of cooking over 100 degrees Celsius you destroy nutrients

Kyann Cook says:

hi y'all! I just uploaded my 17 weeks pregnant update on my channel! i'd love if y'all would check it out and lemme know whatcha think! :)

Paulette Hill says:

You are so thin and beautiful! You eat so healthy! Have you always been a healthy eater? Is it hard to get used to? ?

XMariannnX says:

Always eat healthy! Even when the baby is here! I love youu!

Olivia M says:

Do you still use Blue Apron? I'm thinking about using them! I'm so busy everyday, it'd be a game changer! Also, if I don't eat certain meats, etc., can they cut that out for me? :)

Jessica Semexan says:

do you have to continue the diet after Carter is born

Hamster Ruby says:

she looks so pretty

Life as Mai says:

pregnant and pretty

Me :3 says:

i love eating egg sandwitch with kitchup, i love having a salad of boiled eggs , tuna and creamy cheese in a sandwitch, hummm what else, i dont love oat cerels with milk , i love it by it self just as dry, what elseee , hummmm i think thats all

Emma Levulis says:

look at her dog from 5:15 to 5:27 that's a crazy dog not as crazy as my dog my dog leaps at me!

Stephanie says:

I would love to try the blue apron meals :-)

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