What Does It Mean When a Child Is 'Late' in Learning to Walk?

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Gross motor milestones in infants — sitting unassisted, standing, walking — might have importance beyond baby-book fodder, according to a study in the journal Pediatrics. In this 150-second analysis, MedPage Today clinical reviewer F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE, takes a closer look.

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João Batista says:

He started opening parentheses and parentheses and parentheses without properly explaining each part of what he was supposed to teach us. Sorry pal. Bad video,

Reece Elaine says:


El Lem says:

I didnt understand 90% of what he said

Liam McKeagg says:

I started walking at 8 and a half months

Jen P. says:

I caught that Simpsons reference

R D says:

What you are talking about..I guess you don't even know.. terrible voice quality too

Alexis Brand says:

I didn't walk until i was 2 because my stomach mussels weren't connected. The Drs said they couldn't do anything about it and that if I'm ment to walk mother nature would make sure of it.

Herish Hussein says:

Not clear at all, he should spoon feed people first, and using plain language. Not everybody is genius.

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