What causes belly not growing much in second trimester of pregnancy? – Dr. Suhasini Inamdar

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Ladies are really concerned when they come for a visit around their 2nd trimester and they say that their belly is not growing, the belly not growing at 16th week or 18thweek is not a big concern. It may be something like the muscle tone of the mother is so good for the abdominal muscle that the uterus doesn’t show up but as it is. It is very difficult at 20 weeks for the uterus to show up properly there can be other reasons like wrong dates and she is not really 18 weeks pregnant. She might not be 18 weeks and might be only 16 weeks. there might be lack of amniotic fluid, which is not building inside properly inside the uterus or there can be both, that is lack of amniotic fluid and intrauterine growth retardation, where the fetus is not growing properly and the last thing that you have to look into is the date is okay, the gestation is fine, but the fetus is not alive and kicking inside. So all these things can be monitored by scans and regular visits to the doctor and one can relax after going for their visits.


Ceci Cebollita says:

I'm 26 weeks and my belly is non existent

Sam says:

There was no information provided in this video

Alyssa Marie Araniego says:

I am 5 months pregnant and my belly is not growing much. I did not get the answer, I don't understand her sorry.

Beckyehis Beckyehis says:

Am 7 weeks pregnant but the doctor said they can't find anything in my womb,but I did pregnancy home text and it shows positive,and am having all the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting breast pain back pain and frequent urine.am so confused please tell me what to do?

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