Weekend Update: Trump Leaves the Hospital – SNL

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Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Trump claiming he survived COVID-19.

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Tammy Barnwell says:

You know our enemies are watching closely and laughing at us…get it together USA

Jason Charles says:

Funny how black people think the Democrats are on their side. Smh

Jack Jack says:

SN Lame Fake News segment is just a CNN Show .. Hire a WRITER

Soultrain40 says:

I feel like it's my democratic duty to give you guys a thumbs up.

Insong Lee says:

Every vote for Biden is a clear message to Trump and to the world that America rejects Trump's call for hate, division, ignorance, corruption, greed, etc etc, etc. Please vote

Perla Martinez says:

Voting for biden is like allowing a drunk teenager to drive a car. Voting for trump is like allowing a high teenager to drive a car. Statistics tell us that a high driver is better than a drunk driver behind the wheel. Fact: Alcohol causes way more accidents than marijuana a year. Vote wisely.

Max says:

god I fucking miss this piece, glad to see it's back

Souldogdave says:

"Like watching someone smoke through the hole in his neck" How true it is

DigitalIP says:

How was it a near death experience if he didnt have any symptoms?
come on now

Derek Zarrella says:

The hell with SNL not funny anymore and hasn’t been in a very long time!!

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