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“You’re literally like a capital B”

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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/24124

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Something Clever says:

Kristin looks like grumpy cat! Hahahha

Mikey Wentz says:

Glad I ain't pregnant

ella dubois says:

Stretch settlement graduate eqghx become reporting knife choice know.

Naima says:

Please do Pregnant while being Muslim? especially ones with hijabis. I heard they are not treated well unlike white pregnant women.

the stupid twins says:

She basically already had one

popcatsans animation says:

The third boob

Perilous Wisdom says:

My step sister has had men FOLLOW her in grocery stores while she was pregnant

One guy tried to get a pic of her.

Snowflake 0711 says:

Wait…. Did she say POLE DANCING STUDIO!!!!!?!

Wemmy M says:

The one with glasses looked like she was drunk because all around her mouth it was yellow

TypeONegative 1377 says:

Is this buzzfeed?

Star Light says:


Vaywen says:

I enjoyed people being extra courteous, opening doors etc. Especially since I was so uncomfortable I really appreciated help. Not so much the comments "ooh you're ready to pop aren't you?" REALLY, is it that obvious?
Something these ladies might not have realised is you actually feel protective of your bump too. I was very aware of my personal space and hated people bumping me. Perhaps there's an instinct for people to avoid bumping pregnant women around.

Makaila Griego says:

Chantel would be a good pregnant lady and mother

Kendra Cameron says:

Kristen's dress is absolutely beautiful on her!

C4r1y1996 says:

Devin was in A Very Potter Musical/Sequel, and in one of those she looked quite pregnant…. I'm really wondering whatever happened there

All forever Edits says:

Am I the only one that the guy said to Kristin?

Happywife Taylor says:

I loved being pregnant. I didn't have the morning sickness. I was just really really tired all the time.

Twentyøne Discos says:

I'm still 137% sure that Devin is that actress from American horror story leading a secret and more reserved life out of the spotlight

Lemonade Neon says:

I thought the black girl is Freddie

Bellafunny bunny says:

Me: how old is ur child?
Lady: 60 months
Me: wut

Angel Mariea says:

That guy was probably a maiesiophile

Melsies says:

I love ladylike and I'm not bashing, but you girls are seen in the public eye more popular anyways. Some people might have had those reactions to you ladies because they see you on buzzfeed, then see your pregnant and go "oh, OH!"

Madalynn White says:


Madalynn White says:

Efter 1 year say 1 and 6 months OLD!!!!!

Wild WarriorWolfgir1 says:

When you see a "baby on board" sign: awww cute

When I see a "baby on board" sign: TARGET ACQUIRED

Idk Idk says:

Karen doesn't need a pregnancy belly to look pregnant

Kaylee Thompson says:

I wish my pregnancy experiences out in public were as great as theirs were.!!! no one ever moved out of my way, or told others to move out of my way, I always had to push my way through people. My pregnancy experiences in public were the same as if I wasn't pregnant, and they're the same now with my almost 3 week old son, I have to push through people, wait for people to get out of my way when I'm shopping. It's ridiculous.

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