Watch My Pregnant Belly Grow + Baby Movement!

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This is my favorite video by far! It took a long time because I wanted it to be special! Please give a thumbs up 😀
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Salem doma says:

This video is very beautiful and very small child very beautiful I love young children

Skylar Blossom says:

Omg she's going 2 EXPLODE!!! J.K.

zay zay s says:

why is hew bewwy big

jayla hawkins says:

this is probably old but i wanna say your baby is so cute and do you know the name of this song

sky rosario says:

My best friend was born on February 26

Mudflap and Skids Fan says:

You looked young, how old were you?

Sacaria Cali says:

Both of you are beautiful may the father always beside with you and be responsible for such a huge responsibility.

Sacaria Cali says:

Honestly I just watched this Video but I feel a big love for the baby She is so. Cute proms. Hoping I could see her personally. ❤️

Vlog girl Camara says:

She must have hurt to come out and brought to the world

Unicorn Jaime lover Egan rainbow says:

When you were gaming your stomach hurted a lot

adnan haseeb says:

soo beautiful woow
one of the miracle of life

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