Vomiting in Infancy (Pediatric Advice) (Medical Advice) (Infant Vomiting)

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Vomiting in Infancy
All children spit up, but some children spit up more than others. The milk your baby drinks goes down their esophagus and past the gastroesophageal (GE) sphincter, which is supposed to keep the milk in their stomach from coming back up the esophagus and out their mouth. All babies have a loose GE sphincter; it’s a matter of how loose their sphincter is, which will determine how much a baby spits up.
A baby can only hold so much liquid volume in their stomach. A good rule of thumb, they can hold about their weight in ounces. For example, a 8 lb baby can hold approximately 4 oz of liquid. If you are breast feeding, although you cannot measure how much milk your baby is taking in, you can alternate feedings on each side of the breast every 1.5 to 2 hours .
A rare case of spitting up is caused by pyloric stenosis, where the muscle on the other side of the stomach (out flow from the stomach to the intestine) is too tight. It causes pressure to build up in the stomach until it explodes out the mouth and may be projectile – shooting several feet. While I see GE reflux weekly, I see pyloric stenosis less than once a year.
Extremely rare causes of vomiting would be a very sick child who is lethargic or has a high fever. Get that baby into the doctor immediately.


tuwan naleef says:

dear doctor,
kindly advice my daughter 4 yrars old nd she used to vomiting always lik once a day plz gv an advice what we can take action for dat nd some doctors telling us its usual plz need ur responce??
thank u..naleef

Sirirat Finch says:

Hi. My Sister Is 5 Years Old And Shes Constanty vomiting. Everytime she goes to the hospital the doctors tell us to go. I Am Starting to worry as this is not only just ruining her dream of being a healthy althlete but it is starting to kick in on her appearence. She looks very skinny and people think we are not feeding her. If you have any advice please help

لا للفتنة لا للفتنة says:

thanks doctor

Mayra Pompa says:

Hi my baby is 4 weeks old and it doesn't shoot out that far maybe 3/4 inches and i was freaking out. This puts my mind at ease! Thank you! Great video! Soooooooo helpful.

Aisha Ali says:

Hi Doctor,
My baby is one month old and He spitfrom his nose.Whatis cause n How do i prevent itfrom happening.

Nenita Sethi says:

thanks for your help. I was worried about it..

HELEN Mupolo says:

hello doctor please help me. I'm worried sick about my 5 month old baby who keep vomiting after every feed and she keep loosing weight. I took her to the doctor and they proscribed gaviscon which doesn't help. now they told me not to worry about it because the baby seen healthy. but I keep feeling like there's something that is not right. by the way she will be 5 month old tomorrow and she only weight 6.30kg plz help

Tarekul Islam says:

Dear doctor, is it right that vomit increases baby's weight?

sehrish naseem says:

Baby used to spit up most of the time and nothing was working to help him until I put him on babies magic tea.

Becky Garcia says:

hi dr
my baby is 4 months old she has spit up sice she was born. i have tried everything changed formula, giving her gripe water, gas drops, antiacid. She also cramps up she will throw her hands and feet up and squeezing her hands real thigh and holds her breath then crys out real loud. i dont know what is going on with her . her dr just keeps changing formula for her but nothing helps.

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