Vaginal Childbirth (Birth)

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UPDATE: Watch an updated version of this animation here:

License this video for your hospital’s health literacy or marketing initiatives:

This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, depicts a normal vaginal birth using a time-lapse effect. Strong uterine contractions push the fetus (baby) forcibly through the birth canal during labor. Concurrently, a picture-in-picture effect at the upper right shows the baby’s head moving through the mother’s pelvic outlet.



Elizabeth Armada says:

do you have video of reverse child delivery?because,I want to see how I delivered my baby,reserved position

Kendra Myrick-Stubbs says:

never having a baby. I need to find a surrogate

badziaczek says:

this tailbone though…

vSparroow says:

Majestic as fuck.

breekwhal says:

This makes me never want to be pregnant EVER

Amber Stanhope says:

The baby is quite


oh my god women must be respected a lot<3

Deepak Garg says:

Great …..

Sumbrero Talame says:

Always wear protection

b1njjj95 says:

And there are still some people that have the nerve to call women weak. I'd like to see them deal with a period that's equipped with cramps as painful as a thousand stabs to the stomach. I'd like to see them in labour for 16 hours, pushing out a baby.  Women are not weak, we are strong!

emmsylinda Blu says:

I almost felt that :S

Nashwan Najem says:

nice animation

XxCuRvY SiDeChICkxX says:

Nope no kids for me that's for shure

laniah bailey says:

It's a good video but this is my first child and that makes it seem easy and even I know it's not

matet bolido says:

Educational huh…

94misspickles says:

This is why I'm getting my tubes tied.

GarbageCanster says:

HOLY fuck that looks fucking painful as shit

lamCookie says:

that looks painful

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