Using Roblox ADMIN to terrify people at night…

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Craig Warner says:

Lol we all love flamingo

Addy OwO says:


Albert: YOINK

Mace mcy says:

I'm not sceard.

Vicky Mills says:

I have sonic rings

They Call Me Stacy says:

Hes a fan of x :0 me tooooooo

Pie says:

3:45 r/ihadastroke

Robert Koski says:

I just lost all 100 brain cells watching this

Midnight Gacha gaming says:

If flamingo doesn’t use a nuke as a big admin video finally then y’all know something is wrong

noah sinclair says:

how do you get adman


3:49 albert goes back to albertsstuff for 7 secs

The Ghillie says:

That legit scared me in the beginning.

Mason McKenzie says:

No one:

Kakashi_ Treys says:

Flamingo Funny Moments

Zephyr Nator says:

the ONLY thing that’s in the ocean is the big fin squid

neon_ glmv_alpha says:

That face scares me

hola soy yo says:

So you listen to Xxxtentacio, becuase u have BAD hat

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