Unbelievable footage of baby kicking inside pregnant mum’s tummy

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Unbelievable footage of baby kicking inside pregnant mom’s tummy reminiscent of horror movie Alien
The mum in the clip seems to be calm and enjoying the experience but others compared the clip to scenes from a horror movie.
Feeling your baby kick for the first time is a special moment for most expectant mums.

But how would you feel if those kicks were more than just a little flutter and you could actually see the baby’s foot protruding from your stomach?

That’s exactly what happened to one pregnant mum who managed to capture the unusual sight on film.

After a few small kicks, baby appears to boot mum hard, causing a huge bulge to appear in her stomach.


Neex3 Love says:

Omg I just had the same thing happened with my baby. I didn't experienced that with my first maybe because the skin is more elastic now with my second.

Catherine Hamill says:

Omg amazing

Edwina Beauzier says:

Why would you share this Ewwwwwwwwwe

leslie messagie says:

That was what my little sister did

leslie messagie says:

It is possible a click bit?

Arwyn says:

this is fucking gross

Patricia Mitchell says:

She has a hernia the lining of the stomach is torn there is no other possibilities that a baby would stick out this much in movement unless this were fake and it's not fake. She needs to be checked after birth

Northern Lad Productions Limited says:

Why would people (American Liberals and die-hard Ridley Scott fans, especially.) be fearful of this? Movement is supposed to happen! So, why do people use the Alien movies as an excuse for why the wrongfully support abortion?!

SqwishyFTW says:

The next Karate Kid

Alix LUSOLI says:

That's quite obviously fake the mother would be in intense pain

corrina koko says:

Ahhh! It's a monster inside

Boredom Made Me Do It says:

Mmmm nah…ill pass on that one

XMasterGamingZX XBOI says:

Thay doesnt look real.. look at her feet.. its medium dark skin but that tummy is white what the what ?!

Princess Maitland says:

How far along are you in this video?

Kaiju Gamer says:

When im inside my mom’s belly i kick the womb

rockyto13 says:

those were some muay thai kicks

Just Nausicâ says:

Holy fck! It's a fcking ALIEN inside!

Amanda Weir says:

At 0:28 that has to be painful!

IWI Negev says:

omg thats hot.

i was like lightning when i saw the belly squirming.

Kathy Taylor says:

actually, this is beautiful!

Red says:

I'm sorry, u don't have a baby, u have an alien actually

FOTAC Friends Of The Animal Community says:

fucking disgusting

Nanami Eki says:

It made me shock to see how strong the baby is!

fazrabeautube ag says:

wowwww shes/hes a strong one! i giggled at this knowing i will soon experience my little one kicking too.. hihi

Cupcakesprinkle S says:

Oh gosh that looks so painful!

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