Ultrasound scans: How do they work?

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Ultrasound scans: How do they work?

An ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the inside of the body. It is suitable for use during pregnancy.
Ultrasound scans, or sonography, are safe because they use sound waves or echoes to make an image, instead of radiation.
Ultrasound scans are used to evaluate fetal development, and they can detect problems in the liver, heart, kidney, or abdomen. They may also assist in performing certain types of biopsy.
The image produced is called a sonogram.

Fast facts on ultrasound scans
Ultrasound scans are safe and widely used.
They are often used to check the progress of a pregnancy.
They are used for diagnosis or treatment.
No special preparation is normally necessary before an ultrasound scan.


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