ultrasound – A scans explained

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Reviews how an A amplitude (A) scan is produced in the context of ultrasound/sonograms
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sam jangrameon says:

고마워요 스피드웨건!!

최재현 says:

Thanks a lot. it was very helpful video

Saad Awan says:

Thanks, :)

Seungheon (Heon) Lee says:

Hello, it was such boring

Amir Aria says:

Thank you! it was very helpful with picture learning that was sensitive to me!

Hipnot says:

I love you!! literally! You saved our physics exam!

maini chakravarty says:

Really simplified, thanks.

Imad Eddine SEMRA says:

Thank you very much, it is very helpful.

Kazce says:

What is Z2 and what is Z1?

Wenguang LU says:

Thank you! Very simple and clear explanation.

sohail asghar says:

What does B scan means

Zhivomir Arnaudov says:

This was very helpful. Thank you!

hanifx ii says:

Thank you sir

Palak says:

Excellent sir! thanks a ton.

Bill Huynh says:

Top notch dude

linc carroll says:

nice vid keep it up proud of u

Karim Karass says:

very helpful, thank you very much.

Pierre Ghesquiere says:

Thank you, it is very clear.

Silent Titan says:

Nice video sir !!!! Please keep doing a lot of videos on basic physics concepts..thank you so much

Cheeki & Tessi says:

Better than edrolo haha, great video. Lets hope I remember this for the trials tomorrow xD

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