Twins 36 week prenatal visit

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Meet Megean as she nears her due date, at 36 weeks pregnant. Megean is having a wonderfully healthy pregnancy and growing her babies just right. Her babies are both head down and she anticipates birthing both of her babies vaginally at home.


Ismail Husna says:

Dan ibu tkng urut nya dmn rmh nya

Ismail Husna says:

Yg di urut rmh nya dmn y

Super Mikey says:

Megan's Belly. Looks Like That She Swallowed Somebody.

John Cena says:

shes so fucking hot

Tim Young says:

My girlfriend would like to know is it safe to sit on my back where my shoulder blades are when she is pregnant she wants to know and I would like to know if I can let her

yuni andriani says:

coba aku migang



Esi Aja says:

por .tu panza

Nawang Cktl says:

Hi udh fjebwbdnd BNN ke hj she hj ejrh

Alex Tester says:

Gorgeous women with a gorgeous bump, absolutely huge

Bruce Scott says:

Did it hurt

Todd Parker says:

Hi Northern Virginia Midwifery, I know it may seem strange for a guy to be viewing a video of this nature and then commenting on it, but I hope that you'll be accepting of what I have to say anyway. First off, what an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL twin pregnant belly Megean had at 36 weeks! I must confess that I'm ABSOLUTELY FASCINATED by pregnant bellies! And hers is so big and so round; it truly is one of the most WONDERFULLY shaped pregnant bellies I've ever seen! Having said that, how is it possible for this video to have 218,326 views, but only 483 likes counting mine?!!! I mean how could anyone not love it as much as I do?!!! In closing let me say this; I hope that you guys at NVM or Megean weren't embarrassed or offended by anything I said. One more thing; do you all have any more Youtube videos like this one, because if you do I would LOVE to see them!!!!!!!!!!

1 1 says:

Can a guy be a midwife?


Pregnancy is beautiful

Becky Melton says:

She can't get any bigger, she'll pop

Gabriel Galvez says:

I’m just satisfied about the whole process you did

Jonathan andersson says:

You should do more prenatal vissits etc it could benfit alot of parents i think

Robert Peñat says:

por dios, tu panza va a explotarrrrr!!!

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