Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome / TTTS

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Twin-twin transfusion syndrome, or TTTS, is a potential complication for pregnancies with identical twins and the diagnosis of TTTS can be scary for many families. The Fetal Center has developed an in-depth educational video, providing families with an overview of the condition and its available treatment options.

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Sara Goeke says:

how did i get here, why cant i look away lol

SuperGalaxyBoyRainA Playz ッ says:

I dont have twins why im watching this

Carmencita Davis says:

This is what Ashley Garner had when she had her twins Indie and esme they both had ttts

Jumping Horsin says:

Got here from dear diary

Bibata Tygari says:

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Lucas Oliver says:

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Gabby Lee says:

I was a donor twin and I was bigger than my sister. We got ttts in our 31 week (the same week we were born) and my sister was in the nicu for 35 days and I was in the nicu for 38 days. Im glad to say we are perfectly healthy.

Cylus Smith says:

OK first but I don’t know what this is and I don’t know what Achorion means OK and I’m using the voice thing right now and I am in first grade and I’m almost 7 yeah and I don’t really know the stuff OK it’s not like I’m a mom I am a kid and I am a man and I won’t have a baby OK not like I know this stuff and this is really crappy like this is messed up

World Class Obs ad Gynae says:

So informative

No subs and no videos says:


logesh s says:

7 weeks theruma twins

Trang Dang says:

I don’t know how twins can grow up like that

Queen Onika says:

the recipient twin do be asserting dominance doe

Kaitlynn Maunu says:

i pooped out my baby's head yesterday its floating in the toiet and wont go down send hlep

Fathima Beevi says:

Subhanallah. Allah is great

Alejando Villanueva says:

I am what you call a TTTS Dad my twin boys were born prematurely (8 months ) and unfortunately one of my twin boy didn’t make it and my other son did make it but he stayed in the NICU for 2 months. He is doing great but the hardest part is the medical bills . The hospital never forgave it and I’m down $600,000 in debt. People that are watching this video could help me with even $1 my cash app is $alejando33

AkuAku says:

2:57 This actually made me very sad for the both of them.

Jaelyn Hunterr says:

I was a triplet only 2 of use came out

Impostor says:

W-wait why i am here?!

Igne _ says:

Thats what happend to my twins

B0B0ZZ says:

Who came from a story channel

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