Tummy Time for Your Baby

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Corwin Sutherin, Pediatric Occupational Therapist at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, explains what Tummy Time is, how parents can do Tummy Time with their baby and why it’s so important for baby development.


misslucylawless says:

I cant imagine 60 minutes for any baby that is pre crawling.
We get blue in the face screaming at about the 30 second mark.

oakley-nova says:

No,tummy time is just abuse that people do for fun.

Andrej Tazberik says:

OK, so tell me again why is it so important to place a baby on his/her tummy (before the baby can do it on his own)? Because they do not sleep on their tummies???

theblessedfather says:

My baby daughter used to hate tummy time, and would really cry whenever we placed her on her tummy. My wife and I know how important it is for her development (both in terms of her motor skills and cognitive development), and luckily this mat was a great and fun distraction for her: https://mommyalways.com/collections/baby-accessories/products/aquaadventure-mat-2

Great buy, really helped her spend more time on her tummy.


Is it normal for babies not to like tummy time at first?

Martin Gibson says:

Great video, very helpful

Archana Jn says:

He is really cute.

Doot says:

Tiny babies are so sweet!!

Kala Dwarakanath says:

Sixty minutes of TT before the baby is able to roll over on his own? That's torture and not necessary! Poor baby!

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