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This is my second weight loss journey.

If you want to see my first transformation video, click here:

I´m a personal trainer and nutrition counselor, plus I have a diploma for training during and after pregnancy. If you are interested in my programs, checkout my website here:

I also offer pregnancy and mommy program.


m om says:

She was hot af either way

Moni Marie says:

Wow!! Amazing video ❤️❤️
I feel like I can’t lose the fat

Shannon Godwin says:

What workouts helped with your diastasis recti?

Sarah says:

To be fair 1 child and my stomach was practically normal. Try 3 children and you end up with granny loose skin that no amount of ab workouts will sort.

Veronica Rivera says:

Imprecionante ….Me gustaría saber tu alimentación …..besos

Aubrey Bouck says:

Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but this video just made me cry! I'm so glad I watched it! I worked hard after my 2nd pregnancy to get in shape, and when I found out I was pregnant again, (not planned this time) I have really been struggling with my self image. But you and your video are REAL, and you have given me SUCH inspiration to love and accept my growing body, in each stage, and that I can get back, and better! Thank you!

Jesus is my God & Saviour Solider for Jesus Christ says:

Thank you so much. You inspired me so much during my journey. I have two kids and I got my body back after my pregnancy. God bless you and your little ones.

Junyung Koh says:

Wonderful transformation. Very inspiring..! I am now going through the third pregnancy and can hardly wait to see my tramsformation. Ich have a question befor I start. Did you also breastfeed the baby and could abel to loose weight?

maria clark says:

Mummy magic weight loss tea is the perfect herbal blend that helps in loosing post baby weight easily.

Ellen Jarrard says:

Great job. I like how you didn't beat yourself up about gaining weight.

jo jo coco says:

such an amazing result. you look fabulous. thank you

Teeonce Beauty says:

Hes so cute

chocco joy says:


charina dalimbang says:

Wow i try this

Jenna Arnold says:

Oh my what an amazing transformation. I have 2 weeks left of my second pregnancy. Cant wait to get fit again and watching this makes me feel it is possible

Alexa Marshall says:

Mummy magic weight loss tea works best in reducing post baby weight.

Ivonne Ramirez says:

You motivate me to work out and have a nice body like yours !

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