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Not sure how to give baby a bath? Watch as The mommy Alison gives tips on cleaning baby that will make bath time a sinch. First, place the bathtub in the kitchen sink so baby is at a comfortable height for you to wash them. When positioned in the bath, lay a washcloth on baby’s chest to keep them warm. You can also turn on the oven to add a little extra warmth to the bathing environment. When washing baby, learn how much soap you should be using so you don’t dry out baby’s skin. The order of how you wash your little one is also important: Start with washing baby’s face when the water is cleanest, then move down the body and finish with baby’s bottom. Lastly, the amount of hair your baby has should determine the type of shampoo used when bathing.

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Healing Lily says:

omg that towel has a HOOD!! CUTE!!!!!!!

sk int says:

baby is too skinny

Elsey Whispering Style says:

Hi. I'm doing my research on baby baths (I'm expecting my first baby ❤). I like the one you have. What is the name and where can I find it? In advance, thank you! Have a great day :)

MoonLight Lady says:

Very good video. Especially for first time mum like me. Thank you for sharing

cartoon cartoon says:

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Peace for everyone says:

really need to take care baby smoothly

Alain Anita Kwee says:

what brand of bathtub that you use from the video above?

Samir Rolo says:

I love johnsons baby shampoo

Sneha Ravichandran says:

what a cutie :))

Maryam Khan says:

what happens if water goes in baby's ear?? I really want to know

Ivon Bonfil says:

cute baby! thank you for sharing.

I heard that if water goes inside babies ears they can get an infection? if so what would be the best way to wash babies hair without having to worry about water getting in their ears?

ellie o says:

Him what bath tub is that?

prafulla kubadia says:

cutest of all babies

Megan Mcneill says:

..Hi all…We use baby zdravey product ( w….babyzdravey….c ) on our son, and it works great! ..

Alen Clinton says:

So cute baby!

nichole carcamo says:

That is so not a newborn

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