Top 9 Ways To Tell If You’re Pregnant With A Boy Or A Girl?

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Top 9 Ways To Tell If You’re Pregnant With A Boy Or A Girl?

Most expectant mothers can’t wait to find out the gender of their baby even though most of them don’t mind any gender.

But you can start look for these signs to determine the gender of your baby.

Here Are Top 9 Ways To Tell If You Are Having A Boy Or A Girl.

1. Glowing Skin.
Pregnant women will only get that pregnancy glow if they’re having a boy.

2. Foot Temperature.
You might notice a temperature changes in your feet when you’re pregnant.

3. Carrying Belly Is Higher, Or Lower.
When your belly is high, you are carrying a little girl in your womb.

4. Food Cravings.
If you are frequently craving for sweet foods, you’re having a girl, whereas if you’re craving for salty foods, your baby is a boy.

5. Sleeping Position.
If you fall asleep on your left side more often, then it’s a baby boy gender.

6. Size Of Foot Growth.
If your feet grow a 1/2 size or much more, then you’re believed having a boy.

7. Hair Texture.
When you notice your hair turn into thin and a little dull, you’re having a baby girl gender.

8. The Baking Soda Test.
If you notice it the mixture cause fizzes, you’re having…

9. Feeling The Weights.
So, if you carry all of your weight in your stomach, then it is believed to be a baby boy, whereas if…

Finally, most pregnant mom can find out their baby’s gender (if they choose to know) during their mid-pregnancy, usually between 16 and 20 weeks using ultrasound scan.


Shravan Gattu says:

Yeah it's true it worked out for my baby boy

Radhika Deo says:

Im having boy symptom but am having a girl

Narlie Young says:

I sleepet on my left I had girl same thing prangery with my 2nd baby sleeping on my left don't know the sex yet!!!

Kitten Lover says:

What if when I get pregnant then before the ultrasound I'm like oh we r having a girl or oh we r having a boy and by husband or wife is like well how do u know then I will b like I just know and then when I get the ultrasound I turn out to b right and my husband/wife is like wow are you psychic?!?

nidhi jugran pathak says:

Totally opposite in my case…. its impossible to tell if it wud b a boy or girl….

Nikki poo says:

Robot youtubers now days

Shari Lekau says:

Wait! why am I watching this .


It's a girl I'm having a girl

Chantal Moreno says:

I have 3 girls and a baby on the way. Lord please make this one a boy.

Melissa Rogers says:

Unfortunately not true… I’m having a boy and the symptoms of a baby girl.

Only a doctor can tell you what you are having once you are far enough with your pregnancy.

Congrats to all mommy’s to be. Enjoy your pregnancy and don’t make yourself crazy with such videos…

Boocci says:

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Keely Cross says:

i sleep more on my right but found out im having a boy

adeena khan says:

According to my experience all symptoms are opposite

New Flower says:

That not true I have all symptoms of girl but it a boy About food about body temperature about everything I have symptoms of girl but I’m caring a boy

Rabia Hoossain says:

All of these says boy, but the scan is saying Girl lol…

Anabiya Anabiya says:

Dear mene 5 ultrasound karwaye 3 ne bola beta hai 2 ne bola bete hai kya kisi k sath esa howa hai jinse boy bola unho confirm bola girl wale dctr ne kaha lag raha hai bete hai leg joint hai abhe baby ki

Afrina abedin says:

I am having all of the symptoms of baby boy excepting cold feet…bt doc said its a girl..i can't believe

Winter_Baby _Ash says:

This is true!!! My sister had all these experiences! And she had a boy!

Meana Hudson says:

my feet are mostly cold I don't want a boy I want a girl

Suhaila Naveed Baloch says:

Hey im having 2 girls niw this is my third pregnancy i did baking soda test at home its show nothing things means its girl plzzzz pray for this time for baby boy

šahza šahzić says:

This is not true im having a boy and i have all symptoms for a girl

melissa mcdonald says:

The baking soda test didn't work for me , it fizz up that means a boy but I'm having a girl . Strange .

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