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Sara _Bear says:

I love the last one.

Ld Foxy says:


white latex wolf says:

How to break up in seconds


1:29 what I always do when my brother says that I’m a idiot

•simplyxdaisy• says:


At least that part all I hear now is…

get out get out get out

• Kira Cutii • says:

Fun fact: The original trend was by R U B Y and it was another song and it was called “Mama please don’t you cry I’m sorry”!

marlene duran says:

why Lila(mlb) is still single till this day:


I think the moms looks cool

Khadijah Niazi says:

“Old hags” quirk is litreally to make herself look younger
So im pretty sure she looks like a 20 yr old women
So that “meme” didnt really make sense

Ayano Aishi says:

I wonder what i would do..

It’s ya girl Grace says:

To all the people that flashing light make there eyes almost go blind, please do not watch this video it contains flashing light so please don’t watch it!

• R i n • says:

Dude for 4:40 you could’ve atleast added a Flash warning to the vid even if it doesn’t have one ._.

Five nights at Megans says:

My favourite ones: 0:00 to 10:44

Deanna Sparkman says:

For some reason I like the first one

dom mac says:

me: sees someone say that
me: slaps and argues with her
my mom: comes in and hits the lady who said her mum is ugly

art vid says:

This actually happened to me

gummybear says:

Luv the intro

mikesimeoni says:

I wuv this vid!

Karmah Lawrence says:

3:29 if she was my child I will slap her

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