Toddler’s First Steps – Little Grandma’s First Visit To Our New Home – Pantry Tour

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We have 4 and 1/2 quints walking. Logan couldn’t be more proud of his toddling skills, and little Lincoln man is half way there! Today’s vlog includes first steps, a visit from Little Grandma, and a tour of our newly organized pantry!

We’re Skyler and Jamie Scott, parents to quintuplets (Logan, Lily, Violet, Daisy, & Lincoln) and 2 boys (Shayden & Landon). We’re celebrating the joys of parenthood, one joyful, crazy day at a time! Join us on our journey!

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Brenda Orosco says:

Must admit the quits are pretty low key!

Rachael Lambertz says:

The baby are so cute

Dony Bernaldez says:

I love the latest of quints to intruduce his dad one by one the habit of the quits i know that all the todd having a good character thru the guide of sykler and jamie and thier 2 brother and thier fam circle i love to update the quints

Drake Dragon Star says:

Guys keep up the good work

Makeup and Fashion Insomnia says:

Take carrots for the horses next time and they will always come visit!

Karen McCabe says:

So glad to see little Grandma ❤️ watching the babies with the animals is priceless.

look out 2019 2020 says:

Please help me

debsoldies says:

Love that Logan dance!

legen says:

there so cute

Josie Anderson says:

I love getting to see Little Grandma!

Dixie Kammeyer says:

My name is Dixie, love that there is names of Dixie, I have met a few Dixie's!! Your family is beautiful!!♡♡

Sonam Lohani says:

Love your family. All the kids are super cute. Watched all the videos multiple times.❤

Rose S says:

Make sure that when the babies pet the horse's don't pet under there chin because that is the horses blind spot and they freak out when anything gose there if not trained well enough.

Shiny Bang says:

4 walking babies n two story home that's a no.. Too much work going up n down

Donna Baardsen says:

I adore your videos/family; what beautiful children! Makes me wish I'd had more than one!

Princess Elder says:

That pantry would be the perfect panic room for a break in since it just looks like cabinets, however, good luck keeping 7 kids quiet lol. I think the babies might be a giveaway

crystal E says:

I love all dogs go to heaven!

The Fann Clan: Spreading God's Heart of Compassion says:

I absolutely love your channel!! What a precious, beautiful family. We don't have any birth children yet, and are praying that someday God will bless us with babies of our own! We are relatively new foster parents, and just got blessed with a beautiful baby boy around the quints age! It's been quite the amazing but crazy journey already! I so appreciate your honesty and openness to the realities that come with caring for so many precious little's! We also just started vlogging our journey as well – though we have a ways to go in the tech aspects of the vlogging world!!

Gacha_Cookie says:

Thank you.Thank you so much for ur videos ❤thank you for being the one thing in my day today that has been good. My grandad died today at 3am its been a realy bad day so thank you for your wonderful family they make my day so much better❤❤

florence cavallaro says:

oh goodness these two beautiful little boys are taking there first steps.Time has passed by so fast.

florence cavallaro says:

precious sounds like a lot of fun.i would try the three day art trial if i had all those pics

florence cavallaro says:

Little Grandma must adore your new home.I close my eyes and i think back the very day you had them and how i cried each day until they let everyone go we all turn around and cry happy tears because they are walking ,talking words so well,still crying from friends are like wow you really love those babies.yes we all love you from ct.god bless everyone.

Carmencita Davis says:

I hope you don't change the baby's diaper is right in front of the window

sad reee says:

It's crazy because in Hong Kong 500 sqft is around 1,000,000 USD

บ้าน ครูวี says:

Greeting from Thailand I like to watch your family videos.

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