Toddlers First Steps Fun And Fail – Funny Baby Videos

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Toddlers First Steps Fun And Fail – Funny Baby Videos
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Marie Le Métayer says:

Ils sont en caoutchouc ?

Bratty Young says:

Then these idiot parents wonder why half of their children end up in the emergency rooms…Dummer than dirt…Poor babies!!!

Wiedya Paramita says:


Wiedya Paramita says:

Bsk mgu aq mau ke semarang david

Wiedya Paramita says:

Terimalah aq

Wiedya Paramita says:

David dl km prnh blg jangan takut utk berjuang sendirian. Aq akan berjuang david. Jgn campakkan aq plis

Wiedya Paramita says:

David aq kangen. Bsk mgu aq mau meeting di semarang

Demetria Blakley says:

First of all everyone is entitled to their own opinions if you do not like what people saying stop reading the f**** comments that's all you have to do and Perez I go it is stupid how these f**** parents allow the other kids to push them down and to hurt these kids is not f**** funny

Judy Lehman says:

To all those who wrote critical comments…. your obviously how old? 10 or 11? You know nothing about babies so STFU. This video is one of the most adorable vids I've ever seen! Everyone of those lil toddlers is sooo cute & soooo funny. Anyone whose a parent knows that toddlers fall down all the time esp when they are just learning to be mobile. It's all part of growing up. Thanks 4 sharing!

White Devil says:

Really cute watching them learning to balance themselves. The people complaining must not have kids. Babies stumble around and they fall it's all part of learning to walk.

Martha Sanders Parker says:

Fast forward to December 16-2019, where are these children's today. Because these caregivers are not qualified to look after these poor babies they should be reported to the authorities, did each one of these poor children's parents see this video. I need to know what was the end results. I watched this man put a poor crawling baby on a moving metal Acetaldehyde and this baby's legs were stretched out so far apart until he must have experienced injuries, he just cried out in pain. Now that was dangerous for a grownup to encounter. What happened with these babies?, where are they today?

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