Toddler First Steps | 17 Months Old | Walking Milestone

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Miriam is now comfortable enough to use walking as a primary mode of transportation! Here are some clips of her new found skill. We often questioned when this would happen since her brother walked at 9 months. But, truly, they will walk when they are ready! She is so proud of herself and so are we :) Way to go Miriam!

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The Artsy Frugal Mom says:

so cute!!

Educational TV says:

This video reminds me of my baby. How cute.

Mama's Studio says:

Your little one is just beautiful and I love her name. My best friend is called Miriam so maybe i'm a little biased.

Kristin As Mama says:

So cute!

Evie Tvie says:

Awww what a cutie!

Eat Pray Crunch says:

Way to go, Miriam! My son didn't walk until 18 months, so I understand that wondering when it will ever happen! They definitely all get there and do things in their own time <3

The Mommy Archives says:

So precious! Those first stumbly steps are the best! Such a fun milestone!

TeenyVlogs says:

That face dive! What a trooper! Yay Miriam!

M Parret says:

Congrats Miriam!

Ariannauk1 says:

Aww super cute

Court and Mikie says:

So precious!!!

Lady King119 says:

Miriam is a beautiful little girl
Congratulations on her new achievement

• Julia • says:

What a beautiful little girl! Way to go Miriam :)

Honest Living says:

Well done Miriam!

Patricia Keele says:

She's fast! Oh look out, she's on a mission. How fun.

AllthingsbyKang says:

Miriam is so precious!! Congrats on her milestone! :D

MiBellaAlma says:

((Way to go Baby Miriam))!!

Megan says:

Good job Miriam!  Good luck Mom and Dad! :)

EverythingErica says:

Look at her go! So cute!

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