tips for surviving pregnancy at work

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made this video from a subscriber request- here’s 8 tips on how to survive being pregnant at work, and many of these tips would help any mama survive the first trimester of pregnancy. hope they help you if you’re preggers! (and congrats on your pregnancy!)

coming soon: a video on how to hide your bump until you’re ready to tell the news!

what tips do you guys have to survive the first trimester? let me know in the comments!

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-brianna k


Nicole Sparks says:

Where did you find your table and chairs I love love love them!

Sierra Cooksey says:

Ginger ale, preggie pop drops and crackers or pretzels for snacks helped me survive the first trimester at work!

bookgirl810s says:

These videos are going to help so many newly-expecting moms! This is exactly the kind of stuff I was searching for in the early days of my pregnancy. :)

Courtney Almakdasi says:

OMG! Girl, this video is so perfect!! Im starting a new office job Monday & my hubby and i are TTC!! :) Thank you for the good tips!

cailanm says:

Aw I missed that you're working from home now, congratulations!

sally mangan says:

such a great video and such good tips !!! love you <3 xx

Trista Yaz says:

I ALWAYS had to take gum and mints with me to work during my last pregnancy. I had hypermesis & was sick the whole time. I swear I lived on mint everything.

Keely Miller says:

Yay I requested this! Thank you!
What kind of work do you do from home now? I work part time in an office so these tips were super helpful!

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