Tips for parents of picky eaters

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A registered dietitian offers helpful approaches for parents of picky eaters (and how to prevent world war three from breaking out at the dinner table!)

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Brittani Harold says:

As for you picky adults,grow up and get over yourselves."I don't like this" or "I only eat that made a certain way". Y'all will be doomed if there's ever food shortage due to climate change or war.

Bts army Kookieee says:

Fruits taste disgusting to me except for apples, pears, bananas and grapes. But I love vegetables

Guinea Rose says:

my cousin eats chicken steak broccoli chocolate crossaints, and chocolate milk she’s 8 i got her to eat mac and cheese turkey and watermelon today but she was so “sad” to eat food she didn’t like

Christian Darouni says:

Try going vegan

Plasticgamerkid YT says:

Guys remember there is a difference between gagging and throwing up. In order to stop you need to just eat it. Gagging won’t happen if you resist

Jenny Greene says:

My baby ate so many fruits and vegetables when she first started eating. I remember calling her a "food connoisseur" but then soon after she turned one she started being pickier. The cherry tomatoes she once lived, were now "yucky". She pretty much just likes breads, pasta, and cheese. She eats few fruits and likes starchy vegetables. I think it's partly our fault because we've become so busy we just cook what we know she will eat. She does like lentil soup though

Aisha The Disturbing says:

Im the oposite of picky. I love trying different foods all the time and I perfer making my own food. (Btw Im 11 and started cooking for myself at 9.)

Foxy’s Channel says:

If you know me, I’m pretty Picky

Leahscrazicorns says:

I'm still a picky eater I am now 9yr old

Vanessa says:

I’m still a very picky eater to this day and I am 15. rip

AMS JV says:

My 3 years old has only eaten rice, smashed corn, 2%fat milk, pizza, oreo cake, baby Gerber food.
She ate mango as a 6months old and lentils but only that month. That's all she eats anything else she would throw up and cry so much. :(

Jesstine Ann Boston-Celiz says:

My kid is 4 years old, and she doesnt want to eat solid foods at all, it is always a struggle for us to make her eat at all. She relies to her milk all the time.

•Wasted• says:

My mom and dad are always working. So I'm usually in charge of my sister. She just wont eat vegetables…SHE IS 13 FREAKING YEARS OLD!!!

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