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Can people do anything to improve health during pregnancy? Spotlight looks at simple tips for a healthy mother and baby.

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Chi Nguyễn says:

In my pregnancy,I went to see the obstetrical to exam my health and my fetus every monht. I also got injections for pregnant woman such as Rubella,tetanus,flu …..
I used to drink milk for pregnant woman. It provides nutrients for fetus who will be growing fully for brain and tissues.
I was really interested in listening to soothing music that will help fetus enjoying sweet melodies and the baby to have good behavior in his life.
I always kept my mind in positive thoughts like watching comedies and reading moral stories in my free time.
I never use smoking and drinking alcohol.

Nafez Abu Muaileq says:

It is good to listen to.

azzeddine says:

thanks a lot for all these programs

theerapaara sanchAri says:

Informative ❤️

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