These Moms Painted Their Pregnant Bellies To Make Beautiful Works Of Art

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The inventor of Spanx has a new project. Hannah and Elliott Morgan tell you why these moms are making their pregnant bellies into works of art. Let us know which is your favorite.

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Kylie Adams says:

I'm a girl so this will happen but I would want my belly art to be like a top of a chocolate chip cookies

Matthew Bigelow says:

I once saw this picture of a pregnant woman who painted her belly to look like a Poke ball. After the baby was born, she dressed the baby in a pikachu costume.

Natalee Thompson says:

I would do a bird nest with how ever many baby’s I’m having and so it would be me and my baby or babies

Caitlin Scott says:

I would paint it like a panda

Jesca Vlot says:

I would make my belly Mickey Mouse and I would make my boos the ears

Lauren Holbrook says:

i would do a brain

sena ibrahim says:

I would paint my belly like a starry night

Crystal Lamb says:

I would paint my belly with a dream catcher

Julie Hassett says:

Hey ThinkTank! Thanks for featuring my art! I painted over 50 bellies for this book and it's such a great project to be part of – thanks for talking about it! ❤️

Ellen Kesel says:

pokémon pokéball

Kayla Stovall says:

a baby face or paint the photo of the baby on there

Sofyajoy09 says:

I would paint BB8 on my pregnant tummy.

Hurricane Katrina says:

I'd do the fish bowl thing but have a cat looking into the bowl

William Light says:

If I could get pregnant I would paint the opening of the egg from the movie "Alien" and have a face hugger coming out of it.

Luna Wolf says:

pokeball. that way I old say, I CHOSE YOU! in 3 months…

Hirn Futter says:

a deathstar from Starwars

ann3tt says:

He's funny :)

Marissa Ofori says:

This show has gone to shit..

Lazzari Snow says:

i would do pumpkin with a heart in it

Aura flower Thompson says:

Pokémon belly ball

kitty lover for life says:

the think tank logo is what I painted on belly so my babeies can be smat

Epyrian says:


I don't know… pregnant bellies are weird looking.

Peacefully Protesting says:

Sorry, but that guy is sooooo not funny, and boring xD he had one funny moment and that was when he FINALLY just said "alchohalic baby" So if I were to be pregnant I would be his FACE. O.o

IDontBelieveInPenises says:

You know what like scares me? Is when a woman with a baby breast feeds in public, and it's not like I don't support that, hey, your baby needs something do all you can to satisfy its needs, but it's just the fact that I like stress so hard on not looking at it, and it's the most difficult thing in the world cause BOOBIES MAN!

Liz M says:

Is that supposed to be a map on the thumbnail?… where is México? Central America isn't that long ??


Hannah and her gay time show.

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