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Christine S says:

ALL SOOO SPOT ON! love you gal pals!!!

IamTastypants says:

I love you ladies and your videos, but I am sick of the idea that your kids have to hate you for you to be a good parent. Your intention is good and it is true that you shouldn't just live to please your child, but as a child of emotional abuse which lead me to an eating disorder and anxiety it is a touchy subject. My mother was never satisfied with me and always had something to complain or put me down about, and she thought that because I was always so upset with her she was doing a good job. If your child hates you maybe you should think about how you are treating them. Saying no is all well and good, but you need to also encourage and reward when a child is doing the right thing and also provide the emotional support of a friend while guiding them to be good people like a parent.
Sorry I had to say something, I get really fired up about the "if your child hates you it means you are doing a good job" because yes if your child says "I hate you for not letting me go out at midnight with my friends" that isn't real hate that is angst and they will learn, but if your child sees you as a threat to their physical and emotional safety you are not being a good parent.
Again, you ladies are great and I know you have good intentions, and overall this video is very entertaining and helpful!

Brenda Campbell says:

Hey guys. I am a 90's mom but was nothing like you described. Maybe you are talking about 70's or 80's moms. I was that mom who met my girls at bus stops and made sure parental supervision was available on play dates. And cooked healthy meals. I am a nurse. Still at it, 35 years later, but only ever worked part time. So was hands on with my daughters.
. I love and watch you everyday. Laugh my ass off. Live in Red Deer, Alberta. I am here to say, teenage years are tough…. Just when you can sleep again, you are awake, waiting for those teens to be home safe and sound. You cant imagine them leaving the nest, but they prepare you. Such as, "I am an adult and can make my own decisions". Ya, but" you live in my house and I pay for university". Wait for it, girls. Hey, I am here to help, too. Love your show. Keep at it.

Kate's Diary Vlogs says:

But sometimes it feels like they are in charge… ha ha YES! I want respect.

Infinite Mamabilities says:

There could not be any more (hilarious) truth to this! Thanks for posting!

ana mihajlovic says:

Honestly, I thank my parents all the time for saying no to me because now I'm living my dream life (almost a lawyer hollaaa!) and I wouldn't have made it this far if they hadn't kept me on track and focused.

A. Sterner says:

Amen mommas!!! Love you ladies! Also been dying to ask where Cat's coat is from?

Cori P. says:

LOL. You're nuts and I love it!

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