The best way to hold and calm a crying baby

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Dr. Robert Hamilton, pediatrician, shares his simple, four-step technique on ‘Fox & Friends’
Watch Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck talk about Apple News on Fox Friends.


JacoMMA MMAfighter says:

yo that blonde bitch WAS sooo bad at holding that baby let her neck dangle and started to shake her, shame on that woman

Hannah Wiliams says:

but then again many ppl were watching in the background its just that he looked creepy

Hannah Wiliams says:

does anyone see the weird guy in the background just staring at 1:46?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

General Hades says:

Please the best way is to ignore them ..Holding them makes them cry more and turns a kid into a brat !
But brats love buying goods and services they cant afford to boost their self esteem from feeling guilty for manipulating people into holding them to much ! haaaa

OasisofSpirit says:

Good God after a million years of babies this doctor thinks he has come up with something new. There are a hundred ways to hold a baby but in the end it is what the baby really decides it likes, end of story!

Oladeji Adelekan says:

babies are so cute..and some people would have killed them

Sarah C says:

I like that he says when it doesn't work just give them back to mom!

CharlieChucho says:

Her technique isn't working at all….

sexyvita88 says:

i don;t like this ..i wouldn't trust my baby being hold by a stranger like that and his fingers… i'll go wipe her face if that was my baby.

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