The Best Parenting Advice You Don’t Want (Part 2) | imomsohard

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When you have kids, you get a lot of unsolicited tips on how to raise them. But according to the hilarious ladies of I MOM SO HARD, any advice is bad advice.

Kristin and Jen of #imomsohard share their quick witted observations and experiences of life with kids, in this fully relatable, constantly funny, and never ashamed series on Awestruck .

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Bev Sivert says:

Keep them coming ladies! You are the highlight of my day!!!

Kimberly r says:

I caught myself in the middle of negotiations saying "there is only ONE DIVA IN THIS HOUSE! " ha you guys ever come out the box with something like that? And as you're yelling you're thinking…what da fuq am I even saying? F it, go with it, you've already started!

Anj Hughett says:

soo…. you two are the best thing on youtube!!!!

schradeya says:

YES! That was my gramma! "I'll basketball you!" "I'll tetris you!" "I'll jump-rope you!" "I'll play doh you!" Okay gramma, come basketball me. I'd actually really like to see what that looks like. Hang on, wait, KYLE COME HERE, GET THE CAMERA. GRAMMA'S GONNA "BASKETBALL" US. NO BRING THE CAMERA. Ahh, we tortured my poor Gramma. That woman is a saint who somehow managed to raise something like 15 of us heathens, nearly on her own. I love you Gramma, even if you never did basketball me.

schradeya says:

Never say no to your child? Is that actually advice somebody gave someone? Or is that one of those silly pinterest things that look cute in heavily edited pictures, is nowhere near as simple as the wannabe martha stewart pinner let on, people try one time, and then we all have a good laugh at the ridiculous failure it turned out to be?

MissMargaret says:

Kristin is my spirit animal.

Derek Tanguay says:

My method works…so far…1…pause, 2….pause, my boot, your ass at 3…it seems to work so far until they figure out how to call family services (fucking school guidance counsellors. Thank God guidance counsellors have kids too 😉

Nikki Hitchcock says:

The Amish are the worst about puppymills..they suck

Ellie Macdonald says:

If you don't say no they will become spoiled brats

Rocky J Vlogs says:

Love this!!!!!

laura elena says:

Ty ladies , finally someone that is literally NORMAL and REALISTIC !!!

Laura P says:

I use the any noun as a threat lol.

Libby DVR says:

My mother did that too. "I'll game you."….huh?

alexa1068 says:

I fucking love this! Praise you!

slpmather says:

I LOVE these two ladies!!!

Alex Cast says:

I love this mini show.

Katie Petrick says:

You two make me feel like i can parent one day. i wont suck too bad haha

leviny says:

God I love these 2!!! hahaha

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