The Best IRON-RICH Foods for Babies (and How to Increase Absorption)

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The Best Iron-Rich Foods for Babies (and How to Increase Absorption):
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Did you ever wonder why rice cereal is the classic doctor recommended baby’s first food? Well, that’s because around 6 months of age, some babies’ iron stores drop off significantly and most rice cereals are iron-fortified.

Well, in this video, I’ll explain why I took a pass on rice cereal and what other iron-rich foods are good for baby.

Rice cereal is the iconic first food for baby because it’s easy, comforting and high in iron. But it is also high in arsenic, a heavy metal that does not belong in your baby’s diet.

About 80% of babies are fed rice cereal during their first 12 months, and researchers have found that these babies had much higher levels of arsenic in their blood. On average, most rice-containing snacks contain as much as 201 nanograms per gram of Arsenic — yikes!

Now, iron is still really important for babies. It helps move oxygen around in your baby’s body, and it’s essential for energy and focus.

Formula-fed babies don’t need to worry about iron because formula is already fortified with iron. Babies who had delayed cord clamping will also most likely have rich iron stores. But for babies who may be running low on iron, it’s important to include certain iron-rich foods into their daily diet.

The key point here is that your baby needs iron-rich foods, but rice cereal is far from your only option.

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