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“Sleep when the baby sleeps.” Yeah right.

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Panda Player says:

Your ranting is the best stuff ever.

CamSundae says:

I got in trouble for saying breast in fourth grade

Amanda Nicole says:

Never understood why you would you wee-wee for there penis… and coochie for there vagina.. cause when your starting puberty your gonna have things happen.. in school you will talk about it in Health class like stop please there not bad words there corrcr

7Neon Imagination7 says:

Who else laughed when she laughed. It's contagious.

Itachifan666 says:

i'm not a mom but i love these videos!

jellyjay says:

The worst advice for any parents is: 'Don't comfort your baby when you put it in the bed. It's a great way to train them to fall asleep by themselves at a young age.'

How is it good any either parents or the baby if the parents get stressed out from hearing it cry for hours, and the baby gets a lot of anxiety from the absence of its parents?

Lillian Heverley says:

Well if you hold your baby too much it won't Learn how to crawl as well and the same part of the brain that is used for crawling is also used for reading

Stacy says:

Yes!!! So many people told me to not hold my child cause it will
Spoil them. I'm sorry I'm
Going to pick up my baby when they cry and im going to cuddle them. I'm their mom!

Stripes and Strings says:

best advice for someone who hates kids but has to deal with them? 80% of my friends and family have kids and i can't stand them. whats your advice?

Samantha Thompson says:

Love you

Sofia Rose says:

Can Hannah be my best friend?

Nicole gtava says:


Anna The otaku says:

I'm not even 18 yet but I still love this

Raven James says:

I'm 12 and I already get advice my advice is" don't do it"

Eve Wolfe says:

Yesssss!!!! I love the holding your child too much will spoil them!!! Omgosh I hate being told to put her down when shes my child. Awesome! I love this!!!

Jennifer Aguirre says:

My daughter won't be here for another month and yesterday I was told "you need to co sleep with your baby it's the only way to sleep" like NO if you co sleep ok that's fine. But I refuse to ! In scared to roll on her. Scared to hurt her some how. Just let me do my own thing :-/. Also was told not to teach her Spanish , cuz she won't need it … My family is Hispanic why would I not teach her the language I grew up speaking

Life Simply says:

"let them cry"

Katie Obeien says:

can you do a most annoing kids toys

Remember Bancroft says:

lol my mom told me that one! "don't handle the baby too much". but get this- my Mother- in-law had an even crazier one…"drink beer while you breast feed. it will keep baby calmer and quiet er!" no wonder my ex wuz such a dimwit???

unipip27. wazzup says:

4 the last one just say crotch ;)

Kacey K says:

If the kids fight, let them come up with their own resolutions. Trust me, when I fight with my brother, parental involvement is the only thing that stops it, or it would get dirty. It's just called neglect. Kids can't compromise at such an age.

Happy Kitten42 says:

Omg! I posted that comment!

Tania Calderon says:

"Don't stress. If you stress, your baby will feel it and he will never sleep." – my MIL.

Tez Gaming says:

The don't hold your baby too much one or else it'll spoil them advice it actually is true because if you hold them for no reason then they will get clingy and you won't be able to get anything done without you holding them

Sky Galaxy Midnight says:

"wee-wee" lol

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