The 19 Best Pieces of Parenting Advice

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NTLG NadthidaTheLovelyGirl Nadthida T. says:

1:20 wait, this looks familiar… oh god… what?


Le-Jean Langenhoven says:

my mother is always mean to me she is always mean to me

Grandy Kanabis says:

what a fucked up video! dislike

Pepe The Pig says:

My mum is already dead

Joey 104 says:


Stefanie victoria says:

Ahhh memories I cried because my mom is not hire I dint see my mom scence 2013

Kelly Davidson says:

omg the thing about kids going to bed late will give them bad memory that is a lie because I always go to be like at 1 in the morning and I have all A's and I won the school spelling bee and went to the County and got 4the place so take that science

Zera Natria says:

9:24 I thought it said " being the best abuser ever"
Wtf DX that's bad
Until I realized it didn't say that xD

Hahaha Hello says:

my mom worked hard to support me and my sis when my dad was taken away from me although he was abusive i still remember he told me he wanted to explore the world with me although i lost my dad and, my mom working really hard people being racist to me and my family and being bullied im thankfull i didn't go threw what others did

s2o Mist says:

I'm just over here eating a pineapple

Fire soul says:

the sad thing is my mom never says any of those 7 things to me my dad doesn't either

Bubblegompop Msp says:

Well my mom has mental problems soooo……

Joshua Hubbard says:


Perri Gandy says:

I cried in the beginning because I can't remember my mom saying any of those things to me. I'm the youngest and she loves my older brother and sister more so I guess that's why

Chara The Killer says:

I never had a mom when I grew up cus she left me when I was 2 years and I don't call her she doesn't call me and I don't see her and she doesn't see me so this video made me sad

Maysen A1 says:

it saddens me to know one day my parent will be gone but I love them greatly and even when I'm mad at then i always love them to the end

Thatbluegirl Lopez says:

Growing up I remembered her doing all of this, but I'm disappointed in how the 21st century is, I mean at school I see 10 year olds with iPhones I didn't get one until last year :/ and the fact that they let kids do whatever the hell they want is also upsetting

Vocaloid luver says:

Im gay, and i havent came out to my parents parents are Jehovah's Witness and dont like gay people.they hate my now already but when i tell them its going to be living hell

The Sweet Angelz says:

The mom looks 10

Keira Dussoye says:

l crying because my grandmother passed

Animefangirl 101 says:

i wish my parents knew this i always get shouted at and that's what caused my depression and lowself-asteem my sisters complain about my anger issues. i got into anime because it distracted me from the real world and it made me happy

Vid Somun says:

i am not a child and i am 7 years old and i go to sleep not early

Timi Nguyen says:

13:20 why is that me right now

popcorn productions MSP says:

my third grade teacher always told us off and compared us to other third graders :( my kindergaten teacher did the same thing…only to me.. :(

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