TEST IS POSITIVE?! | Preggy Vlog (4 Weeks)

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I’m pregnant and super excited to share this journey with you! This was filmed the very night I found out I was pregnant on October 31, 2015. So many feelings, so many symptoms, and so much to look forward to! :)


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Tamara Turner says:

I love watching you explain what it’s like being 4 weeks pregnant lol

Kathy Pham says:

OMG! congrats! cheers to the next chapter of your life love <3 i just watched jessi malay's vlog too! and now I'm getting baby fever!

Berlynn Capetillo says:

Itsjudyslife you are my ultamit fav

STRK25 says:

Hi Jen, congrats! Love your haircut, by the way. Can you tell me what that kind of haircut is called? And do you have a tutorial on how you did your hair? Thanks!!!

Cassie Reeves says:

this is the first vid I've seen of you & I don't know whether it's cos I'm broody or what but a little tear came out when you started getting emosh. :) Now to check out your other vids!

Brittany Den says:

What's the name of the period. application congratulations btw

Lea Medina says:

breastfeeding support your child's health

Limoena says:

Congrets! I've already seen the wonder in a recent video! She really beautiful!

I have a weird question for you or others that will read this comment. I'm trying for 6 months now. I had my period so I'm gonna start month 7. Any tips for me? :)Thx! xxxx

Sweets Beauty says:

I didn't realize I was pg until 15 weeks lol, I wasn't very in tune to my body I guess and brushed everything off as hormonal, plus I had no nausea or food cravings/aversions so I didn't think that was it. Hubby convinced me to take a test and it was positive right away. I then took 3 more just to be sure lol, all positive in 2 seconds :) I am now 19 weeks and will find out gender this Friday :)

LynnDiva reman says:

congrats i just found out im pregnant today and im super excited like u . i guess im also in my 4 weeks . wish me luck .

Gloria Tan says:

congratulations!!! hope everything goes well and enjoy the ride! take lots of date nights with husband and girls nites out while you can! :) blessings.

Finn Chapman says:

How old is she? just wondering :)

Ann Murphy says:

she's having a g…..nevermind

Milana Butkevičiūtė says:

That's strange. Just not long ago I saw your photo on FB after you giving birth and I thought where have I saw you. And now I found your first pregnancy video and emotions boiled up in me. So happy for you and your cute little family. Congratulations. :)

Melissa A.S. says:

Congrats! My birthday is on October 31st. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy and healthy, beautiful baby. God bless you!!!

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