'Supergirl' Cast Talks Pants, Pregnancy and Lena's Revenge | Comic-Con 2019 | TVLine

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The cast of The CW’s ‘Supergirl’ previews Season 5 in TVLine’s video suite at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

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Keira says:

omg they need to take turns speaking

Boipelo Masilela says:

I had a stupid smile on my face the whole time. They jel so well together, must be sad that the series has ended

ruby says:

katie isperfect in everyway i wish she was in more shows!!

Lucie Pulliam says:

Proof that Nia/Nicole is Supercorp/Kalissa child

Also, them freaking over Ted Dansen is hilarious

Serendipity sad says:


Serendipity sad says:


Serendipity sad says:

7:46 1:35

Lyv Woods says:

"who knew the internet cared so much about what a woman is wearing"… men. are. oblivious.

Savannah Darby says:

the interviewer is not a vibe like get out

Universal_EditorZ says:

poor j'onn he looks so sad idek know why

HunterKJK says:

Such beautiful women

Eva 3000 says:

Where are my Jane the virgin fans! Nadine!!! XD:

Csilla Fleischman says:

I have to agree with Nicole. Dreamer has the best suit out of all of them

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