Super Bowl Edition ft. Odell Beckham Jr | Dude Perfect

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Odell Beckham + Dude Perfect = FUN
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Big thanks to Odell Beckham for hanging’ with us!

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Eddie V says:

Do a film with Aaron Rodgers or Clay Mathews

Emily Seehusen says:

odel bacon jr

shing yao says:

stephen curry (nba)

H34D5H0T5 0NLY says:

GUYS do Derek Jeter!

Levi Harris says:

Do a film with Antonio Brown

ADP 825 says:


Jake TheSnake says:

This video will get 100 likes for my dad. He loved Odell. Sadly he is in the hospital

Mr.LaFFy LaFFy says:

I love Odell to me I think he is the best NFL player

Vin Dion says:

tom brady

Paper Pirate says:

Do Andrew luck

Skylanderkids says:

Do a film with drew

jon S says:

do cam newton or kelvin benjamin

Jordan Gehring-Amey says:

Antonio Brown

Dev Davis says:

what about Thomas Rawls or Adrian Peterson

christopher Robinson says:

do cam Newton

Aiden Jaquez says:

Film in Illinois sugar Grove

Josh Breeden says:

y does nickel back have so much hate

Jez Ford says:

U should get Earl Thomas for Seahawks

isaiah _tube says:

amri Cooper

Levi Stone says:

Nice glasses Garrett and you should film with steph curry

KeMyah Anderson says:

kevin hart

Clint Stover says:

Do Derek henry

Matthew Chen says:

son used?

Lord_BroTaco says:

Do one with Ben Roethlisberger

wolfy 770 says:

Water bottle flip

Brahima Camara says:

Cam newton

Alyson Groff says:

do came newton trick shots with him

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